भारतीय लोक प्रशासन संस्थान
Building Capacity for Good Governance


On invitation of the Government of India, Dean Paul H. Appleby, an US consultant in Public Administration, Ford Foundation conducted a survey of public administration in India. Accepting his recommendations, Indian Institute of Public Administration was created under the Societies Act of 1860.The Institute was formally inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India, as the first President of the Society, on March 29,1954 in New Delhi.

Situated in the heart of Delhi on the Ring Road in the Indraprastha Estate on a plot of seven acres, the institute campus has ample facilities for organising conferences, seminars, and training sessions. The facilities include state of the art audio-video system, data projection systems, a modern computer center, Internet facilities, a well-equipped library, an auditorium, and a well-furnished hundred- room hostel with mess facilities in the campus.

The Institute has been set up to equip the public servants with knowledge, skills, and behavior required for managing the task of governance. In its effort to enhance the leadership, managerial, and administrative capabilities of the executives in government and public sector enterprises, the Institute works in close collaboration with national and international organisations.

The major activities of the Institute are: Training, Research, Advisory and Consultancy services, and Information dissemination and exchange.

The rising bottom up expectations of the citizenry, complexities of management and the current issues relating to economic restructuring and ensuring the measure of stability and progress at all levels have created pressure for improvements in the training methodology for enhancing professional capability through training programmes. The Institute, needless to emphasis, is alive to the developments taking place in the area of training technology at the global level and the policy changes at the national level.

This perspective plan for training of the Institute is a manifest evidence of the Institute’s concern for efficient and effective training in Public Administration.