भारतीय लोक प्रशासन संस्थान
Building Capacity for Good Governance


Guiding Principles

☑ To Promote and provide for the study of Public Administration and economic and political science with special reference to public administration and the machinery of government and educational purposes incidental thereto.

☑ To undertake, organise and facilitate study courses, conferences and lectures and research in matters relating to public administration and the machinery of government.

☑ To undertake and provide for the publication of journals and of research papers and books to impart training in and promote the study of public administration.

☑ To establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilitate the study of public administration and spreading information in regard thereto.

☑ To constitute or cause to be constituted Regional Branches at convenient centers in India to promote the objects of the society.

☑ To cooperate with approved institutions and bodies for the purposes of helping the cause of public administration