भारतीय लोक प्रशासन संस्थान
Building Capacity for Good Governance

Mid Career Training Programme (MCTP)

The Four Week Mid Career Training (MCT) Programme of Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise), Phase III, has been sponsored by National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics, Centre of Excellence, Government of India, New Delhi.

The IRS participants will be benefited in the areas of Customs Law, GST, International Trade and Customs, Border Enforcement, Administration, Management, Governance and Finance.

Eligibility Criteria

Officer of Indian Revenue Service


The specific objectives of the programme are:

• Acquire and update knowledge about the dominant domestic and international issues in the areas of Custom Automation, International Custom Law, International Trade and Customs, Border Enforcement, Regulatory Compliance Management, Maritime Enforcement, Trade facilitation, GST & Use of Information Technology, Total Quality Management, Strategic Communication and Synergy at Work.
• Appreciate the importance and gain familiarity with the critical managerial and inter-personal organisational skills.
• Reinforce service networks essential for effective policy implementation.


The Focus of the Programme would be on the following Modules:

1. Service Conduct Rules
2. GST and Financial Systems
3. GFR and Audit Perceptions of Contract
4. Leadership Values & Effective Communication
5. Leading Change and organizational transformation
6. Cyber & Forensic investigation
7. Knowledge Management sharing tools
8. Decision Making and Conflict Resolution Style
9. Time management
10. Communication Style for Trade Facilitation
11. Inspired Living
12. Trade Facilitation Issues
13. Social Policy and Governance
14. Emerging Issues in Trade
15. Big Data and analytics for customs
16. Public Policy Drivers and Present Scenario
17. GST Implementation : SWOT Analysis for Future Implementation
18. Evolution of E-Governance in India : 1990’s to present Digital India.
19. E- Customs
20. Locating Media from Governance Perspective
21. Understanding the Nudge Theory
22. Administration, Governance and Social Justice
23. Art of Public Speaking
24. Globalisation of Indian Economy
25. Negotiations and Conflict Management
26. Make In India and Trade Facilitation Issues
27. Decision making and Strategic thinking
28. International Framework for money Laundering and Mutual Evaluation Process
29. Understanding Prevention of Money Laundering through Case Study
30. Emotional Intelligence
31. Public Policy on Taxation
32. The Art of Win-Win negotiation
33. Health issues and Stress Management
34. Border Management

Resource Matetial

Suggested Readings for IRS as prescribed by NACIN

1. Report of the Taxation Inquiry Commission 1953-54 (Vol. I&II),
2. Report of the Tariff Revision Committee, 1966 – Part-I.
3. Report of the Study Team on the Customs Department, 1967 (Parts-I & II).
4. Report of the Study Team on leakage of Foreign Exchange through Invoice Manipulation, 1971.
5. Report of Expert Committee appointed to suggest ways and means of achieving a more accurate & scientific forecasting of Customs revenue, 1974.
6. Report of the Indirect Taxation Inquiry Committee, 1977 (Parts I & II).
7. Customs Manuals – Published by the Directorate of Publicity and Public Relations, Customs & Central Excise.
8. Report of Dr. Raja J. Chelliah Tax Reforms Committee.
9. Report of the Rekhi Committee on Indirect Taxes.

List of Participants

S. No. Name of Officer (S/Sh/Ms.) Present Place of Posting Email ID
1. Ravneet Singh Khurana Joint Dir., DGPM, Delhi.
2. Dr. Vishwajeet Singh Joint Commr., CGST Dibrugarh
3. Sachin Balasaheb Sawant Dy. Dir., Enforcement Directorate, Delhi
4. Neelesh Rautkar Joint Commr., (Audit), Nagpur Commissionerate.
5. Saroj Samiya (Ms.) Joint Commr., CGST Mumbai East.
6. Mahender Kumar Dy. Commr., Mumbai CUS.-III
7. Maharaj Singh Joint Commr., Gawalior, CBN
8. Rajesh Kumar Joint Dir., DG NACIN, Faridabad
9. Sunil Bhimrao Deshmukh Jt. Commr., CGST Aurangabad
10. Rajesh Kumar Dy. Commr., CCO, Ahmedabad.
11. Pradeep K. Singh Sanger Dy. Commr., CX, Agra
12. Shankhesh Mehta Dy. Commr., CGST, Vadodara-I
13. Mukesh Kumari (Ms.) Dy. Commr.,CGST Ahmedabad Audit-I
14. Lakshay Kumar Dy. Commr., Ludhiana GST
15. Mansi Trivedi (Ms.) Dy. Dir., DGGI, Ahmedabad
16. Minu Shukla Pathak (Ms.) Dy. Dir., NACIN, Faridabad
17. Deepa Srivastava (Ms.) Dy. Commr., GST, Guntur
18. Gaurav Chandel Dy. Commr., Kolkata CUS.
19. Rajendra Kumar Dy. Commr., Lucknow Cus. (P),
20. Vishal Malani Dy. Dir., RMD, Mumbai
21. Sarika Shah (Ms.) Dy. Commr., DG(System) Mumbai
22. Swati Shiwam (Ms.) Dy. Commr.,Pune Audit-II (Kolhapur Goa)
23. Dr. Puneeta (Ms.) Dy. Commr., DGGSTI, Delhi
24. Anuj Bhatnagar Dy. Commr., CGST Surat,
25. Ved Prakash Singh CGST, MUMBAI, Audit-III
26. Thomas Basumatary Dy. Dir., DGRI, Siliguri
27. Anand Kumar Jha (On Deputation) Dy. Commr., CBEC, Delhi
28. Atreyee Dev Roy (Ms.) Dy. Commr., Delhi CUS. (PPG & Other ICDs)
29. N. Mohan Krishna Assistant Commr., Jamnagar CUS. (P)
30. Deepna Singh (Ms.) Dy. Commr., Delhi ACC (Imp.) CUS.
31. Vivek Gupta Dy. Commr., CGST Mumbai
32. Sumit Garg Dy. Dir., TPRU, Delhi
33. Shekhar Kumar Dy. Dir., DGPM, Delhi HQ
34. Md. Salik Parwaiz Dy. Commr., Noida, SEZ
35. Jomy Jacob Dy. Director (RMD), Mumbai
36. Pawan Kumar Dy. Commr., Patna Cus. (P)
37. Shiv Narayan Dy. Commr., CGST Hyderabad
38. Sachin Dinkar Shankpal On Deputation Cabinet Secy.,
39. Shashi Panwar Dy. Commr., Kandla CUS.
40. Millinath Kashinath Jeure Dy. Commr., Mumbai CUS-III
41. Shreemohan Lal Meena Dy. Commr., DTE of Logistics Delhi
42.    Braj Lal Meena