भारतीय लोक प्रशासन संस्थान
Building Capacity for Good Governance

Internal Security in India (2007)


Indian Institute of Public Administration

The long struggle for independence from British control and then the arduous process of integration of the British India and Princely states towards the formation of the Union of India generated considerable anxiety about the sustainability of the Indian State. Concern for national integration and security remained a dominant theme in the Constituent Assembly of India. Creating institutions and appropriate legal-constitutional framework for their effective functioning to not only ease the apprehensions but also deliver contentment to the people of India was bound to be a challenging exercise. A country marked by enormous diversity, a multitude of cultures, languages, castes, tribes and religious communities, with wide economic disparities and varied levels of political engagement, India was not a picture frozen in time. It was India alive, growing each moment, and bearing testimony to the change as it shaped.