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IIPA Alumni Association
Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

Minutes of the Thirty-first Meeting of the Executive Committee of the IIPA Alumni Association held on 20th April, 2018 at 6.30 p.m. at Army Headquarters Signal Regiment, New Delhi.

The following were present:

1.Yogendra Narain, Chairman
2.Sudha P. Rao Member
3.Shri A.K. Khanna Member
4.Sushma Yadav Member
5.Maj Gen P.S. Rana, ADG T Secretary-cum-Treasurer(Outgoing)
6.Ajay Kumar Sharma Secretary-cum-Treasurer (Incoming)

Item No. 1 Confirmation of Minutes of Thirtieth Meeting of the Executive Committee held on 16th March, 2018

The minutes of the meeting had been circulated in advance. Secretary-cum-Treasurer read out the minutes of Thirtieth meeting of the Executive Committee before the members. These minutes were confirmed.

Item No. 2 Independent Website of the IIPA Alumni Association

Secretary-cum-Treasurer informed that the new website of the Alumni Association is in the final stages. A large number of photographs have been incorporated. However, these photographs are of recent times and do not exhibit the rich heritage of IIPA. There is a requirement to find and upload some of these historical photographs.

Item No. 3 IIPA Award for Excellence in Public Services

The Chairman informed the members that the Alumni Association had issued letters to the Ministries of the Government of India, Chief Secretaries of all States and Union Territories, IITs as well as the Chairman of the Regional Branches of IIPA requesting for nominations for the award. Responses have been received from some of them. He informed that he will pursue the matter further with the Director, IIPA. It was suggested that the intimation about the award be uploaded on the website. This suggestion evoked a positive response from all of the members.

Item No. 4 Co-option of one member to the Executive Committee under Rule 9(c) of the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations

Member Secretary informed that under Rule 9(c) of the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations, Brigadier Ajay Kumar Sharma was approved to be co-opted as a member of the Executive Committee to further perform the duties of Secretary-cum-Treasurer in the thirtieth meeting of the Executive Committee. The Chairman formally welcomed Brigadier Ajay Kumar Sharma to the Committee and wished him a fruitful tenure.

Item No. 5 Issuance of Identity Card to Members of the IIPA Alumni Association

The issue of the Identity Card to members of the IIPA Alumni Association was deliberated upon. Various modalities of the same were discussed. It was proposed that the same should also be linked to the IIPA library membership. It was directed by the Chairman that the issue be analysed fully along with cost, utility, and add-ons etc.

Item No. 6. Any other item with the permission of the Chairman

Requirement to Update Alumni Records. The Chairman brought out the requirement of updating the records of the IIPA Alumni Association. He stressed that a focused exercise needs to be undertaken in this regard.

Generation of Funds. The Chairman also brought out the requirement of generating funds to further the cause of Alumni Association. He emphasized upon innovative thinking in this regard. Mr. A.K. Khanna suggested that the IIPA Alumni Association website could be utilized to host advertisements against payment. The Chairman stated that the proposal will be put before the Fund Raising Committee.

The Chairman appreciated the efforts made by Maj Gen P.S. Rana, Secretary-cum-Treasurer (Outgoing) during his tenure. He informed the Executive Committee that Maj Gen Rana soon moving out of Delhi on posting and wished him all success in his future career.

There being no further issue for discussion, the Executive Committee meeting was brought to a close at 7.30 P.M.

(Brig Ajay Kumar Sharma)